Andy McIntyre (aka Little Bones*)- is an Australian creative that has recently relocated to Washington DC.

At the end of 2010, after 5 years in an agency environment working as a Graphic Designer and then Art Director, Andy established his own freelance creative baby - Little Bones.

While design is still a major part of the business, the flexible nature of a freelancer allowed Andy to experiment and refine his illustration and artistic skills. The combination of his design ability and illustration talent has seen him develop into an in demand Creative..

Little Bones has also given Andy the opportunity to expand on his Art Direction skills, through Little Bones projects and external collaborations.

The quality of Andy's work is increasing rapidly as he hones his craft and looks to experiment with different mediums and styles. 


*The name Little Bones is a legacy from his childhood. Andy is an identical twin and his father's (Bones) mates couldn't tell him and his brother apart, so they would call them both 'Little Bones'.